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Nasty C – Go Nasty lyrics

Nasty C - One Kid a Thousand Coffins Album

Nasty C – Go Nasty lyrics

Introduction nigga don’t get it twisted

Look, now I don’t go by any laws
See I’m just arrogant, plus I get on the track and rap bars, no American presidents, man
It gets to you before you expect or not
I don’t expect you to get it, you don’t get it don’t lie
Me with the flow when I’m focused I’m on my hocus pocus, BOO!
Now loosen up, don’t let the focus choke ya
So yeah you moved a couple spliffs and lasted a couple blunts
Like you waving that knife at night they get you knuckled up

You 13 and claiming to be 26, you gambling with your life
Now cross your fingers when that pantie flips
I crush these rappers like feelings I had for sexy chicks
Should I have you clenching your butt and make your belly lip
I’m all about the cake drop the birthday song
I wanna drop the fake the endless hoes
Opposite, I’m always off the hook, I’m on a cordless phone
Street nigga point me to a corner I can call a home
Ever since I almost got killed man all the fears struck
Now I keep a knife cause when its gritty all your peers run
Got an evil side that I’m glad I no longer hear from
Now I keep it cool and let the music shake the ear drum


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